Thursday, July 29

WATCH: Popular Food Network Chef Slams Newsom And Others For Lockdown Hypocrisy (VIDEO)

Celebrity chef Andrew Gruel slammed excessive lockdowns that ban restaurants from providing outdoor dining areas.

Major California areas are currently forcing restaurants to only provide service through takeout or delivery.

The Food Network Chef said, “All right, everybody, here’s a quick update on my thought process, OK, because we’re being told that we can’t have people dining outdoors yet here’s the backdrop of the information we’re also simultaneously hearing. OK? Governor Gavin Newsom is banning dining indoors after he dines indoors with twenty-two people. He’s banning groups of people of more than four or five people when once again, he was with twenty-two people indoors. He’s putting self, you know, virtue-signaling tweets out there about eating with a mask on and putting the mask on in between bites when he and those twenty-two people weren’t even wearing masks, they were basically slobbing all over each other. All right.”

Mr. Gruel continued, “We find that L.A. County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, she bans outdoor dining and then that exact night goes to a restaurant to eat outdoors. OK, San Jose Mayor, same situation. Austin mayor is telling everybody that they need to stay indoors and they need to really take one for the team. And he’s giving that message from Cabo, San Lucas after taking a private jet there with handfuls of people. All right. So what’s happening this is that we’re being told to do one thing when the people telling us to do that aren’t even following their own rules. There is no signs backing up the fact that dining outdoors is leading to a spike in coronavirus cases. You see the hypocrisy. Really think about this here, OK? No one is following their own rules. How serious can those rules be, if they’re not following their own rules? Virtue signaling.”

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Veteran and restaurant owner Nick Velez explained the struggles that come with California’s restaurant restrictions.

Mr. Velez shared, “Hey, guys, I’m Nick Velez, CEO, and founder of Bastards Canteen Restaurant in Downey, California, here sporting a good friend and Save the Brave supporter Andrew Gruel, Slapfish right here in Huntington Beach, CA. You know, guy is doing an amazing job. He has a beautiful staff here doing an amazing job and trying to keep the doors open. And many restaurants are doing the same, trying to keep doors open, just like myself in Downey, California, Bastards Canteen. We’re trying to keep our doors open and doing what we can do to serve our country and serve our community.”

Mr. Velez continued, “I served my country in the United States Marine Corps from 2005 through 2009 with the 2nd Battalion, Fourth Marines, also known as the Magnificent Bastards. I fought for our freedom in Iraq body during 06 and 07 during surge, one of the deadliest times to be in Iraq. And we fought for our country to be able to go back and exercise our freedom here in Iraq and my right to work and my right to open up my business and the right for our guests and our customers to walk into our business and enjoy the freedom that we fought for. And you know we stand behind that. And I’ll stand here with Andrew Gruel, Save the Brave, Bastards Canteen, Slapfish and everyone else who’s on the same team here in Huntington Beach all the way through California. This is going out to everyone in Sacramento. Help us out. We need your hand here. We’re not-. We’re on the same team. We’re not being belligerent. We just want to stay open. We want to feed our families. And we love this country. God bless you all.”

Celebrity chef Guy Fieri retweeted support for a lawsuit that challenges Los Angeles County’s outdoor dining ban.

The judge overseeing this lawsuit has ruled that county officials must show scientific evidence that supports the outdoor dining ban.

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