Monday, August 2

Jenna Ellis Confirms Judge Granted Trump Campaign Access to 22 Dominion Machines in Michigan

On November 5th, two days after the presidential election, an election clerk in Antrim County Michigan discovered that the total votes counted by election software DID NOT MATCH the printed tabulator tapes.

The Michigan software used to count votes put up incorrect totals and took nearly 3,000 votes from President Trump and handed them over to Joe Biden.


Michigan County Clerk Discovers Total Votes Counted by “Election Software” DID NOT MATCH Printed Tabulator Tapes!

Now a judge in Antrim county ordered a forensic audit of 22 Dominion Voting Systems machines in the state of Michigan.

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Rudy Giuliani reported this on Twitter:

On Sunday morning Trump Attorney Jenna Ellis confirmed the Trump campaign has access to 22 Dominion voting machines in Michigan.

Jenna Ellis was on FOX and Friends Weekend this morning.

According to Jenna the Trump campaign will have access to the machines for 8 hours and will be able to report on their results in 48 hours.

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