Monday, August 2

“They’ll Do Anything to Cheat – These People Are Sick!” — PRESIDENT TRUMP Trashes Cheating Democrats and Their Stashed Suitcases of Ballots at Valdosta Rally (VIDEO)

Photo by TGP reporter Katie in Valdosta

President Trump held his first rally since the stolen November 3rd election on Saturday night.

Speaking in Georgia President Trump did not hesitate to hit the cheating Democrats on their dirty tactics during their November elections. Trump even brought up the stashed suitcases of ballots in Atlanta caught on video on election night.

President Trump, “They’ll do anything to win. They’ll do anything to cheat. These people are sick… And remember the swing states we’re all fighting over I won by a lot… But you can’t ever accept when they steal, and rig and rob. (Crowd chants ‘Stop the Steal!’)

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