Monday, August 2

Perdue Down in Polls to Leftist Idiot Jon Ossoff — Maybe He Should Stop Slamming Trump?

On Friday Senator David Perdue trashed President Trump in a video interview WITH THE WASHINGTON POST, the day before President Trump is taking time off to go campaign for this jerk in Georgia.

Perdue has DONE NOTHING to address the MASSIVE voter fraud in Georgia.
He quickly threw President Trump under the bus after senile Joe Biden stole the election.

And now he’s on camera TRASHING TRUMP?
What an idiot.

Via Cernovich:

TRENDING: TRUMP CAMPAIGN Files Lawsuit to Overturn Fraudulent Election in Georgia

Today Trafalger released its polling on the Georgia senate races.

Kelly Loeffler — who we support and appreciate — is beating the Marxist radical Warnick.
David Perdue is trailing the far left radical Jon Ossoff.

Maybe David Perdue should quit campaigning for Ossoff?

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