Sunday, August 1

CROOKS: Georgia Election Officials Warn Judge If they Are Not Allowed to Wipe Machines Clean “There Could be Grave and Serious Consequences”

The corrupt election officials in Georgia are very concerned that if they cannot get in and wipe the Dominion voting machines clean “there could be grave and serious consequences.”
Like maybe jail time?

These are the same people who were just caught yesterday pulling out suitcases full of ballots to count while no one was in the room —

TRENDING: TRUMP CAMPAIGN Files Lawsuit to Overturn Fraudulent Election in Georgia

These crooks are something else.
Georgia, you really let the rest of us down!

Via The Epoch Times:

Georgia officials on Thursday asked a judge to lift an order that is blocking officials from altering information in voting machines in three counties, arguing the machines are needed to prepare for the upcoming Senate runoff elections.

Evidence demonstrates Cobb and Gwinnett counties “need to use” ballot marking devices from Dominion Voting Systems, Carey Miller, a state attorney, wrote in a court filing.

The filing included a declaration from Kristi Royston, the elections supervisor for Gwinnett County’s Board of Voter Registrations and Elections.

She said the restraining order preventing her county and others from wiping or resetting the voter machines “has grave and serious consequences.”

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