Sunday, August 1

Obama Judge in Nevada Denies Trump Campaign’s Lawsuit – Ignores 20 Books Full of Evidence

Another win for the fraud and criminal conduct.
Judge James Russell tossed the Trump Campaigns lawsuit on Friday.
The Trump campaign presented over 20 binders of evidence to a court in Nevada earlier this week calling for the state to overturn the fraudulent election.

In his decision Judge James Russell ruled the mountain of evidence presented by the Trump campaign to “have little value.”

Judge James Russell is an Obama appointee.

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This is just the latest evidence that Democrats approve of and promote election fraud.

The Nevada Independent reported:

President Donald Trump’s legal effort to overturn presidential results in Nevada has fallen short after a Carson City District Court judge rejected his team’s request to award the state’s six electoral votes to the incumbent.

Judge James Russell ruled Friday against the Trump campaign’s unprecedented request to either block certification of the state’s presidential election results or award the state’s electoral votes to Trump, saying in a written order that the campaign’s claims of voter fraud to the level needed to bring the state’s presidential results into question fell far short of the evidentiary standard needed to contest the results of the presidential election.

In his 35-page order, Russell wrote that he found the evidence offered by the Trump campaign to have “little to no value,” and failed to provide under any standard of proof that the campaign’s long list of alleged fraud and vote irregularities could be backed up under any evidentiary standard.

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