Friday, July 30

Pelosi Admits She Sent Millions Into Poverty by Holding Up Covid Relief For Political Reasons – Says She is Now Willing to do Smaller Covid Deal with Biden (VIDEO)

Let them eat ice cream.

House Speaker Nancy “Antoinette” Pelosi (D-CA) held up a Covid relief bill for several months and refused to budge over her desired liberal wish list in the “HEROES Act.”

Millions of people have lost their jobs and were forced to shut down their small businesses because of authoritarian government mandates.

The first round of stimulus money and PPP loans dried up yet the Democrats refused to work with President Trump in an effort to sabotage his reelection bid.

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Pelosi admitted on Friday that she played politics with the Covid relief bill and now that she believes Joe Biden won the election (he hasn’t), she is willing to take a smaller deal.


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