Thursday, July 29

“It Was a Political Persecution of the Highest Order” – General Flynn Promises to Confront Dirty Obama if He Ever Runs into Him (Video)

General Michael Flynn joined Lou Dobbs in his first TV appearance since his pardon last week by President Donald J. Trump.

Gen. Flynn told Lou Dobbs it was a difficult decision to take a pardon but the Justice system he was facing was not working the way it was supposed to work.

General Flynn told Lou he was not upset with President Trump or the White House. The responsibility lies with the FBI and DOJ who set him up.

General Flynn: “It was a political persecution of the highest order… As I walked through four years of this so has the president and more importantly so has the American people.”

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General Flynn then went on for a second segment where he promised he would confront Obama if he ever ran into him again.

Via Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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