Friday, July 30

WOW! PA Election Observer Drops BOMBSHELL – Says DOJ Showed Up at Her Door to Question Her After She Testified (VIDEO)

Leah Hoopes, a Republican poll watcher from Chester, Pennsylvania, testified before the GOP Pennsylvania Senate hearing last week Gettysburg. Leah described what she witnessed while doing her duties on election night as votes were being counted for President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden. Hoopes said she was kept in what she described as a “play pen” as an observer and no Republicans were allowed close to where the counting was taking place.

Leah spoke with Rob Schmidt from Newsmax TV last week.

On Saturday Leah spoke with Steve Bannon and the War Room on Saturday and dropped this bombshell!

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Leah Hoopes said the DOJ made a visit to her home to question her after she testified last week in Gettysburg.

Via The War Room:

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