Monday, August 2

EXCLUSIVE: President Trump Is After the Individual or Individuals Who Voted Illegally in Wisconsin – As Gateway Pundit Exposed Earlier

This morning we showed absentee votes in Wisconsin that all had the same initials “MLW”.  More than 2,000 of these votes were found.  This afternoon the President tweeted that the recount in Wisconsin was about finding the people who voted illegally. 

We now know that there were at least 2,000 people who signed Wisconsin ballots as “MLW” or there was one individual who signed them all.

According to our source on the ground: More than 2,000 fake votes were found at the Wisconsin Recount in Dane County on Friday!

* On Black Friday, there were so many Trump observers that two dozen of them had nowhere to sit, and had to back upstairs and watch on closed circuit TV.

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* Thousands of fake votes were found!

The signature “MLW” was used on the the fake votes.
These initials were found on thousands of “votes” by “indefinitely confined” people.

Joe Biden reportedly won Wisconsin after a huge dump of votes were dropped in the middle of the night, Biden only votes, to put him ahead of President Donald Trump.  Joe Biden currently ‘leads’ the state by around 20,000 votes.

In this final photo, the fake votes are the two piles on the right.

President Trump tweeted this afternoon that the purpose of the recount in Wisconsin was not about finding mistakes in the count, it was about finding the people who voted illegally:

The plot thickens.  Who is the person or persons who signed off on thousands of ballots in Wisconsin illegally?

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