Friday, July 30

Roger Stone Refutes Far-Left Daily Beast Hit Piece on Him and a PAC Not Active Since 2016

Featured image altered from The Daily Beast

The far-left Daily Beast reported yesterday : Roger Stone-Tied Group Claims Dems Are Framing Them as Republican Party Turncoats. This is not true per Roger Stone.

After pushing the totally fake news Steele dossier, a garbage make-believe nightmare falsely tying the President of the United States to Russia, the  ‘Beast’ is back at it. 

The Daily Beast reports:

TRENDING: “In Arizona There Were 35,000 Votes Given to Every Democrat Candidate Just to Start the Voting Off” — Sidney Powell Drops a MOAB on AZ DEMOCRATS — COULD FLIP STATE!

Conservative operatives and a super PAC with ties to infamous GOP dirty trickster Roger Stone appear to be calling for Trump supporters to punish Republicans by sitting out Georgia’s crucial Senate runoffs or writing in Trump’s name instead. And though their efforts remain on the party’s fringes, the trajectory of the movement has Republicans fearful that it could cost the GOP control of the Senate.

The most aggressive call to boycott or cast protest ballots in the two runoff races has, so far, come from a dormant pro-Trump super PAC with ties to Stone, which unveiled a new initiative to retaliate against the Republican Party’s supposed turncoats by handing Democrats control of the U.S. Senate.

However, Roger Stone contacted us and stated unequivocally that this report by the Beast is false.  Below are Stone’s comments on the piece:

This story by the Daily Beast is a fraud.  The report falsely attributes a moribund political action committee that I helped form in 2016- The Committee For American Sovereignty.

Let me be clear. No one I know and nobody that I am affiliated with is responsible for posting this website:

This is clearly a classic left-wing dirty trick designed to drain votes from the Republican candidates for the US Senate in the coming Georgia runoff election.  I have never urged Republicans or supporters of the President not to vote for the two US Senate candidates in Georgia in the vitally important upcoming runoff election.

Stone also provided attorney letters from attorneys related to this article.  Paul Rolf Jensen responded to Reuters who contacted the Committee for American Sovereignty on the Beast piece:

As legal counsel for the Committee for American Sovereignty, I have a statement for you, as follows:

“The Committee for American Sovereignty ceased operations following the 2016 election, and subsequently has had not activity of any kind.  It has received no contributions, made no expenditures, engaged in no activity political or otherwise, since ceasing operations shortly after the 2016 election.  I just became aware of the existence of an article out today on the website of the Daily Beast, in which the following appears: “The group, dubbed the Committee for American Sovereignty, unveiled a new website…”  This statement is utterly false.  The words “unveiled a new website” link to a website whose url is “”.  That website states “paid for by Committee for American Sovereignty”.  That statement is false.  The Committee for American Sovereignty did not pay for this website, or since 2017, any other website.  According to “”, the owner of this website is an undisclosed  customer of a Canadian entity.  That owner is most emphatically NOT the Committee for American Sovereignty.  Since what this website encourages is Georgia voters writing in the name of Donald Trump instead of voting for the Republican candidate, it would seem that this website’s goal is to elect the Democrat candidate, suggesting that a Democrat-leaning entity, not the Committee for American Sovereignty, is behind it. In any event, the Committee for American Sovereignty has nothing to do with this or any other website, and the committee exists only in the sense that it has debts still outstanding, which under the law must continue to be reported.”

The same attorney provided his response to the Beast:

To: Lachlan Markay <[email protected]>, [email protected]
Subject: Your piece today “Roger Stone-Tied Org Goes Cannibal on the Georgia GOP”

Dear Mr. Markay and Mr. Sommer:

Yesterday, I had no comment, as you correctly reported today in the above article.  However, I now wish to comment, but only to inform you that your reporting is otherwise false.  I was just contacted by Reuters and gave them a statement in this regard, as shown below. [above]

Apart from this statement, I have no further comment, and will not entertain questions.

Let’s see if the Daily Beast will ever retract this false report?  We’re not holding our breath.

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