Friday, July 30

GOOD NEWS: Lin Wood Case in Georgia Is Still Very Much Alive – Case Appealed to 11th Circuit – Still Moving Forward

The Lin Wood case is still very much alive.  The case was appealed to the 11th Circuit. 

On Friday it was reported that Lin Wood’s case in Georgia was denied and Wood said he was going to appeal the case:

A district judge denied attorney Lin Wood’s motion to delay certification of the Georgia voting results. Wood presented 17 affidavits alleging potential voter fraud, from both monitors and workers. One affidavit came from a purported former right-hand man of prior Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, detailing the electronic voting systems’ relation to ones used in the 2020 election.

Although the judge dismissed the case, Wood stated that he will appeal the case to the Eleventh Circuit court.

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“1. A motion to delay certification of GA vote based on a flawed recount was denied this evening by Atlanta Judge Steven D. Grimberg. The oral ruling was unclear but he may have overreached to dismiss my claim that election was unlawful due to @GaSecofState consent agreement. 2. The recount issue was separate from unlawful election issue. Sounded like Court thinks GA voter has NO standing to challenge unlawful federal election. Lawyer for Sec. of State suggested only state AG could do so. What? AG represents @GaSecofState. Makes no sense. 3. GA voters have rights. It is OUR right to vote. We The People must have legal right to challenge backroom deals cut by state officials. They will not sue each other. An appeal will be filed to Eleventh Circuit. I did not do this for GA voters because it was easy. Stay tuned.”

Today Wood did just that.  Per our attorney friend:

On November 13, 2020, Lin Wood filed suit to prevent to the certification of the election in Georgia due to widespread voter fraud.  On November 20, 2020, Judge Steven Grimberg, a complete coward, lacking honor, and a tool of the deep state, shamefully and without reason denied Lin Wood’s suit.

This is not the end of the suit, however.  Just because a scumbag wearing the robe of a federal judge denies a suit, doesn’t mean a good man like Lin Wood tucks his tail and surrenders.  Nope, today, November 24, 2020, Wood filed his notice of appeal, indicating he is appealing the cowardly Judge Grimberg’s pathetic opinion to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.  Even if THAT court is compromised by deep state losers, an appeal to SCOTUS should set things right….

And there it is.

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