Thursday, July 29

If You’re A Gun Owner, Get A Lawyer Before You Need One

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If you own a gun, you may someday find yourself using it for self-defense.

If that should happen to you, the USCCA has prepared a video on why it’s important to have a lawyer on call.

In this video, lawyer Lee McMillan shares these points:

– Self-defense incidents don’t always happen during business hours. If one happens at night, you don’t want to wait until the lawyer’s office opens the next day.

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– Most lawyers won’t defend a capital case without an initial deposit of $50,000.

– To defend a capital case in court will usually cost over $100,000.

Watch the video here:

Here’s a message from Tim Schmidt, president of the USCCA, which provides legal protection for people involved in self-defense incidents:

It’s every responsible gun owners worst nightmare…

You’ve just pulled the trigger in self-defense and called the authorities, but what now?

You might think the worst is over — after all you’re the good guy, right?

Unfortunately you couldn’t be more wrong…

You see, the deck’s already stacked against you as a responsibly armed American…

As a USCCA Member, you have up to $2,250,000 in up-front legal and financial protection behind you should you ever be forced to use your gun in self-defense.

The moment you activate the education, training and protection of a USCCA membership you gain access to:

  • Up to $2.25 million in Self-Defense SHIELD protection…

  • Up-Front Funding For Criminal Defense & Bail Bonds: No out-of-pocket expenses…

  • Protection For Use Of ALL Legal Weapons: Never second-guess defending your family…

  • No Annual Cap: Your Plan Benefit Limits are fully reinstated for each qualified self-defense incident…

  • Member-Only Access: Enjoy exclusive discounts and unlimited access to thousands of videos and articles in your training archive…

Protect What You’ve Earned: Join The USCCA Today…

Take care and stay safe,

Tim Schmidt
President | USCCA

P.S. – Check out one of my favorite quotes from a USCCA Member…

“I am a loyal member of USCCA because, God forbid, if a situation were to ever a raise where I needed to protect my family or a fellow American I will be covered, and helped out for doing the right thing.” — U.S. Marine Veteran Josh L., Ohio

The USCCA is MORE than a community of over 400,000 like-minded Americans — it’s the complete peace of mind you’ll get knowing that no matter what, we’ve got your back.


To get peace of mind, USCCA memberships start at just $25 per month.

With your membership, you get:

– 24/7/365 Critical Response Team On Call

– Your Choice of Criminal Defense Attorney

– Up-Front Funding for Criminal Defense & Bail Bonds

– Protection for Use of All Legal Weapons

In addition to legal protection, joining the USCCA provides you:

– A subscription to Concealed Carry Magazine

– CCW Reciprocity Map With Permit Expiration Reminders

– Member-Only USCCA App Features

– Weekly updates on news, changing laws and gear reviews

– 10 Lifesaving Checklists

– And much more…

The USCCA provides three tiers of membership for every comfort level and budget:

 – Gold Membership $25/mo

 – Platinum Membership $34/mo

 – Elite Membership $42/mo

If you’re ready to join a community of pro-2A responsibly-armed Americans, click here.

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