Friday, July 30

Trump Gains on Biden Again as Third Georgia County Finds Missing Votes During Recount

A third county in Georgia has found a batch of missing votes during the statewide recount that ends Wednesday night. Walton County reportedly found a scanner that had 284 uncounted ballots. President Trump gained 225 votes, Joe Biden 49 votes and Jo Jorgensen 10 votes, netting Trump a gain of 176 vote on Biden’s statewide lead of just under 13,000.

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The Walton Tribune reported on the discovery (excerpt):

The audit of votes in the presidential race revealed missing votes in Walton County.

Two hundred eighty-four ballots were added from the Between precinct. They netted 176 votes for President Donald Trump.

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…Lori Wood, chairwoman of the Board of Election, said the Between precinct had two scanners.

“One of them got uploaded and another one didn’t,” she said…

Earlier Tuesday Fayette County reported finding 2,755 missing votes that netted 449 votes for Trump against Biden’s statewide lead.

On Monday Floyd County reported finding over 2,600 missing votes that netted Trump about an 800 vote reduction in Biden’s statewide lead.

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