Sunday, August 1

Cofounder of VoterGA Requests Interim Results to Explain Counting “Glitches” from Georgia Officials — GETS NO RESPONSE (Video)

Garland Favorito went on Newsmax TV on Wednesday to discuss the state of the race in the Peach State.

Favorito told Newsmax during the election night he witnessed

Garland Favorito: I was watching the results on November the 6th in the early evening.  And I guess Trump had 133,000 in Fulton County. This is the largest county in Georgia.  And Biden was showing 344 (thousand?).  The next upload that was the last batch of absentee ballots, Biden’s total jumped up to 366 (thousand). It went up 20,000.  And  Trump’s total went down a thousand.  Now I’ve been doing this for 18 years, election integrity and I haven’t quite seen nothing like this before.  Not only did it go down but the disparity is so great that there is no reasonable reason that could have possibly happened.   So I immediately contacted the Election director of Fulton County who I know as well as the election board members as well as the county attorney.  I explained this to them.  I made an open records request for the interim results that they posted those several days for the election and I’ve gotten no response from them.

Via Newsmax:

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