Thursday, July 29

Live Podcast Special: How Biden Banished Trump to the History Books

It’s over! After a nail-biting count that dragged for days in key swing states, Joe Biden will become the 46th president of the United States, with a record-breaking vote count of at least 75 million votes, so far. The Mother Jones Podcast team has a bonus live podcast to tell you our instant analysis about how Biden clinched the deal. We discuss the historic moment of having Vice President–elect Kamala Harris become the first Black woman, the first woman of South Asian descent, and the first daughter of immigrants to hold that position, and the threat that Trump will not allow a peaceful transition of power at the White House.

Our host Jamilah King (and in-house expert on all-things Kamala) speaks with Mother Jones DC Bureau Chief David Corn—who called in from the Biden Welcome Center on the Delaware Turnpike—about what’s next for a deeply divided country in the middle of multiple national crises, and what happens next.

Watch the livestream special below:

Or listen to the lightly edited podcast version:

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