Thursday, July 29

WOW! FBI Investigating Trump Supporters Surrounding and Escorting Biden Bus From Texas Town

The FBI sat on Hunter Biden’s laptop for a year now.

As The Gateway Pundit has reported — There is plenty of evidence on his computer that should have led to his arrest months ago.

BREAKING: Hunter Biden Plays Victim After He’s Accused of “Walking Around Naked Watching Porn Masturbating and Doing Drugs” in Front of a Minor

But rather than investigate real crimes the FBI has changed its mission to defend Democrat criminals and to investigate and indict innocent Trump supporters.

TRENDING: Officials OUTRAGED After Trump Campaign Asks for Names of People Transporting Ballots and Locations of Where Ballots Are Stored and Counted

Kamala Harris made three stops at small rallies in Texas on Friday.
Democrats are wanting you to believe Texas is in play this year — it isn’t.

After one rally Trump supporters gave Kamala an escort from town.
It was EPIC!

Trump supporters in vehicles filled with MAGA Trump flags surrounded and escorted the Biden-Harris bus out of town after their small rally.

After the escort from San Antonio on Friday the Biden-Kamala campaign canceled their final event in Pflugerville, Texas.

But this was too much for the FBI.

Chris Wray and the FBI is not investigating the Trump Train for swarming the Biden bus.

For the record — the Democrats are lying about this too like they do most everything.

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