Sunday, August 1

Wisconsin Friday: President Trump Holds Massive Rally in Green Bay While Former VP Biden Has 50 Show Up and Placed in Circles

The difference between the two campaigns could be seen again yesterday in Wisconsin.

President Trump held a massive rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin yesterday and was joined by former Green Bay Packer great Brett Favre.

FOX6 Reported:

The president for a little help from former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre on Friday. Favre said he is now on Trump’s team. His former head coach in Green Bay, Mike Holmgren, is backing Joe Biden.

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In the Packers’ home town, the crowd of thousands was packed outdoors at the airport, many with no masks. Democrats said it is putting lives at risk with COVID-19 numbers rising in the hot-spot state.

Meanwhile Joe Biden visited Milwaukee late Friday night:

With just days left before the Nov. 3 presidential election, Democrat Joe Biden made a campaign stop in Milwaukee on Friday night.

There were no large crowds — only around 50 or so people gathered in an airport hanger on a cold fall night. There were white socially distanced circles on the ground marking where people should sit or stand.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way Biden has campaigned. Still, he says it was important to come back to Wisconsin, even with the surge in COVID-19 cases here. Democrats narrowly lost the state in 2016. Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee back then, didn’t visit Wisconsin after the primary, a key battleground state.

The crowd at the Biden Event was placed in circles:

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