Friday, July 30

In Minnesota President Trump Says: “It’s a Shame What the Governor Did and That’s Why They’re Going to Lose Minnesota” (VIDEO)

President Trump held a campaign rally in Minnesota despite Democrat leaders in the state at the last minute deciding to permit only 250 people at the event.

At the White House before the event President Trump shared the following:

We’re having a problem with some people in Minnesota where they have a cap because Biden goes there and he can’t draw flies. He can’t draw anybody, just a few cars I guess and they honk their horn. We’ve got the biggest crowds in the history of politics and I think you will all be witness to that because there’s never been anybody who’s had bigger crowds or more enthusiasm than we have.

So we have 25,000 people in Minnesota which is our last stop today. 25,000 people who want to be there and they say you can only have 250 people. So they thought I’d cancel. But I’m not cancelling and we’ll find out what happens. But we have 25,000 people in Minnesota and they’re there because they’re angry at the riots and they know that I stopped them.

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When the President arrived thousands were outside the event but only 250 supporters were allowed inside.  The President stepped outside the event to say hi to the thousands of supporters who were not allowed inside and shared this:

You have cars that are three miles long.  It’s a shame what the governor did and that’s why they’re going to lose Minnesota.  Just like he did with Minneapolis where they didn’t know what they were doing.  They’re going to lose Minnesota.  We’re going to win Minnesota.

But this should be a lesson.  He wants to silence people.  This should be a lesson the governor doesn’t know what he is doing.

The great state of Minnesota has a radical left Governor, AG and Congresswoman. It’s time that Minnesota makes a change before it’s too late.

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