Monday, August 2

“The Guy Who Used His Son, a Drug Addict, to Be His Bagman” – Rudy Giuliani Goes Off on Joe Biden

Rudy Giuliani went off on Joe Biden ‘the prince of darkness’ for placing his son Hunter in the middle of dealings with the most vile and violent mafia types in the world.  What father would do this to his son?

Rudy called Joe Biden the ‘prince of darkness’ in a video where he goes off on the man wanting to be in the White House who placed his son in the middle of dangerously corrupt situations around the world.  Rudy then shared the following:

Joe Biden, the guy who used his son, a drug addict, to be his bag man.  Why do you think he lost his teeth at 40 years old?  …

Then after listing individuals around the world who Hunter dealt with, Rudy says this:

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…What do you think happens to a drug addict, dad, when you put him in with people like that?  He becomes a much worse drug addict.  He becomes a degenerate drug addict.

You couldn’t find some bum in Washington to do this for you?  You had to use your son and ruin his life?  And you want to be President of our country?  My goodness, you should check in to the local federal prison and start doing your time.  That’s where you belong, not in the White House.

You used your family to pick up your bribes, hide your bribes, live the life of a billionaire.  And by the way, I don’t think you failed in all those negotiations just because you’re stupid.  I think you failed in those negotiations because you sold out the United States of America.  That’s what I think you did.  And you’re ready to do it again if we didn’t catch you.

It’s true – What kind of man would put his drug addict son in situations dealing with murderers and mafia types?

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